My review system

I’ve been sharing reviews for a while now, but realized I still haven’t shared my review system. That’s probably helpful for people since every reader is very different. And everyone’s star ratings vary a little. I often fall between my own star ratings even, so you’ll see half stars from time to time.

Here’s how I look at my star ratings/ reviews!

1 star

Ugh. Didn’t want to finish. Maybe didn’t finish.

2 star

Just okay. Wouldn’t recommend to others. Often means I had a hard time connecting or many problems with a book.

3 star

Liked, but didn’t love. I may or may not recommend 3 star books. Often, they lack something key I look for, but generally were still an enjoyable read.

4 star

Liked/ loved. Would definitely recommend to friends, family, and/or bookstagram (or to specific readers in these categories, depending on the genre/book).

5 star

New forever favorite. A book I’ll read again (and again) and that I think you should, too!

How do you rate your reading? I’d love to hear about your review system in the comments below!

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