Strategic communications portfolio

Below, you’ll find samples of strategic communications planning, writing, and creative content from my time in the University of Iowa’s Master’s in Strategic Communication program. I graduated in May 2021. All examples and company references are for illustrative/academic purposes only. 

Campaign brief with writing samples

A sample brand awareness campaign brief with tactics including a print ad, brochure, postcard, press release, radio commercial, landing page, marketing email, and social media ads. 

Fact sheet and PowerPoint deck

A visual fact sheet created as a class assignment based on a fictional sorority event, and a PowerPoint deck created for an in-class speech assignment on writing for global audiences. 

More writing samples

Written material from course assignments including a sample media pitch email, news release, and media alert. 

Audience profile

A profile sheet featuring Ron—a fictional employee—and how he might respond to benefits change communications.