Meet the bookstagrammer: Allie (@alliemikennareads)

The people I’ve met through bookstagram are half of why I love being a bookstagrammer. So, I’m starting a series to help you get to know some of my bookstagram friends a little better. This series is inspired by a blogger spotlight series my friend Kass, who runs the blog Keep it Kassual, is starting on her blog.

To kick things off in my Meet the Bookstagrammer series, I’m sharing a little more about me – my reading history and the books I love. Kass interviewed me on her blog as well, and you can check out her post for more about my reading interests and a few fun facts that I didn’t include here!

Why I became a bookstagrammer and started this blog

I started my bookstagram back in August of 2019 because I had been mostly posting books to my personal Instagram for awhile. I followed a few bookstagrammers then, and I just felt very drawn to the book community. I realized bookstagram was the section of Instagram that brought me the most joy. Then I met some amazing bookstagrammers in my local community and made the switch to a book account for good. I have always been a writer and I used to write for an online magazine. I stepped back for personal reasons a few years ago, but I was missing that outlet for writing. So, at the start of 2020, I built out my blog and decided to give it a whirl! This site is still very much early stages but I’m excited to dedicate more time to it this year. 

What’s my go-to genre?

If you’d asked me this two years ago, I’d have said young adult fiction. But lately, I’ve been really drawn to contemporary romance and young adult fantasy.

What people can expect from me as a blogger and bookstagrammer

On my blog, you’ll find a mix of book reviews, book themed gift guides, bookstagram tips. You’ll also find assorted lifestyle content – hiking, crafting, and more. On Instagram, I try to keep a bright, clean feed. I like my photos to look pretty real life and simple and take them all on my phone. I do a little minor editing, but don’t really use filters or presets that drastically change the look. Although some of my favorite accounts have more of those themed aesthetics! I post about current reads, reviews, and usually host a few fun book photo challenges with friends throughout the year. 

My favorite thing about the book community

Honestly, the friendships! I’ve met so many cool people thanks to bookstagram. The book community even helped me reconnect with an elementary school friend I hadn’t talked to much since moving away when I was 13, which was so neat. I found a lot of other Iowa bookstagrammers when I first decided to switch to a book only account. And I really connected with a group of them, which was wonderful. That group has become some of my closest in-real-life friends over the last year. We used to meet up in person pre-COVID, but we’ve stayed connected through virtual book club chats.  They’re all some of the most genuine, nice, and supportive people… and of course I love having people in my life who share my love of books. 

What makes a book a 5-star read for me

I review very generously. Most of my ratings range from 3-5 stars, but that’s also because I know what I like and don’t really spend time reading books I don’t think I will enjoy unless it’s a book club pick. And even then, I’m notorious for not finishing the ones that aren’t working for me. I usually save five stars for books that I think will be “forever favorites” of mine. These are typically books I’ll read again in the future and would recommend to most readers.

My hobbies and passions besides books

This year, I have recently discovered a love of a new hobby – making miniatures! I bought a kit to make a miniature model house. It brings me so much joy to make all these tiny books and plants and accessories. It’s also been a great stress relief during the pandemic this year. As soon as I finish, I’m branching out to redo a dollhouse from scratch. I’m also making a miniature model bookshelf and, as I finish books this year, making miniature versions of them. I think that may be cool to see at the end of the year! I may have to add a mini book cart too, if my reading pace keeps up!

I have many cool bookstagrammers that I can’t wait to help you get to know throughout the rest of the year, so stay tuned for more!

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